1. Join a door-knocking session

We have campaigning sessions several times a week in different places across the constituency. You don’t need to commit to coming to all the sessions, any time you can make it is really helpful.

This can be a fun way to get to know other campaigners, and the group will often have a pub lunch or drinks after the session.

If you’ve never been campaigning before, that’s no problem. You can pair up with an experienced campaigner and pick up some tips before you take to the doorsteps solo.

If you’re a Cardiff Central member you will receive details of campaign sessions weekly by email. If you aren’t getting these, or you’re not a member in Cardiff Central, get in touch and we can keep you up to date.

  1. Join our Wednesday Club

If door knocking isn’t for you, or you’d prefer an indoor activity, why not join our newly formed Wednesday Club mailing group? There are mailings to be prepared and envelopes to be stuffed, but this is an informal get-together and there will be plenty of tea and biscuits to keep you going. The Wednesday Club will meet during the daytime most Wednesdays.

If you’d like to get involved with Wednesday Club, or want to find out more, contact Pearl.

  1. Chat on the phones

In addition to door knocking we run a weekly phone canvassing session to get in touch with some of the voters it’s harder to reach on the doorstep. This is also a social and informal session, usually involving free pizza or other incentivising food.

We meet at Transport House, Cathedral Road each Wednesday. For more information contact Pearl.

  1. Share online

We would love to have lots of contributors to this website, helping us share our message and explaining clearly to our community why Jo Stevens is the right representative in Parliament for Cardiff Central. If you like writing, you’re a social media addict or you just fancy getting involved, let us know.

Whether or not you can commit to writing content for the website, it’s really helpful if as many people as possible share information about Jo and the campaign. You can do this on Facebook (Like Jo Stevens for Cardiff Central), by re-tweeting @JoStevensLabour on Twitter or by sharing the links to Jo’s blog posts on your own websites and social media channels.

  1. Come to a fundraising event – or organise your own

We have pub quiz fundraising nights on the last Sunday of every month, and we run as many additional fundraising events as we can. These include dinner events with speakers such as First Minister Carwyn Jones, and group theatre trips with a meal.

If you have a great idea for a fundraiser, or you would like to host and event to support Jo Stevens in Cardiff Central, get in touch with Pearl.

  1. Make a donation – every penny counts

Life – and campaigns – are about much more than just money, but a bit of extra funding definitely makes things easier. If you are able to donate even a small amount, this will really make a difference to the amount of information we can distribute, and promotion we can generate in Cardiff Central ahead of the 2015 General Election.

Click here to donate now.

If you would like to make a larger donation, or offer support to the campaign as a business or trade union, please get in touch with Jo.

To find out more and get involved with the Jo’s campaign, visit the Volunteer page to sign up now.

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