I’m calling on Asda to think again over forced contract changes that will see staff in Asda stores lose out.

The issue over these controversial new contracts has been rumbling on for some months but it is due to come to a head in the coming weeks as staff across the country are forced by Asda bosses to sign changes to their contracts.  These changes will see them lose out on flexibility and holidays, with ASDA wanting employees to work any time, any place, and anywhere with only four weeks’ notice.

Many thousands of ASDA workers simply won’t be flexible in the way that ASDA bosses demand and imposing a new contract won’t change workers’ childcare, caring, studying, family and other outside work commitments. 

One member of staff told GMB Union that “I haven’t signed up to Contract Six because I look after my disabled mum when I’m off work.”  This member is not alone, in response to a recent consultative ballot, 93% of respondents told GMB Union that they did not agree with the contract changes which were being forced on them.

It is deeply concerning that such a large employer is leaving their staff with no choice other than to accept these new contracts or risk losing their job.  

Asda are a multi-billion pound, profitable company and they can treat their staff better than this.

Many Asda workers with caring commitments are going to be severely hit by any loss in flexibility – this is an awful position for the company to put dedicated staff in. Shoppers would be horrified to know Asda are leaving staff with no real choice.  Asda should think again. “I understand some improvements to the original contract proposed have been won by GMB members in Asda but I’ll be calling on Asda to work constructively with the union, its members and workers in Asda to seek a better deal and secure a decent future for Asda workers.

For more information, or if you’ve been affected by the changes please click here.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Your just a name and number !! many years of service means nothing to this company !!

  2. Pauline Hicks says:

    They did this 3 years ago, only the wording during the 1-2-1 meeting was ” If you refuse the new contract, it will be deemed you no longer want to work for Asda”. Same thing only different wording..Needless to say I got out after 17 years..

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