The City of Cardiff Council are now inviting residents to take part in its annual ‘Ask Cardiff Survey’ for 2016.  More people than ever took part in the 2015 survey with views and opinions shared from over 4.5K local citizens.  This year they hope to repeat that success and find out what local people think about a variety of public services including: Parks and Recreation, Transport and Community Safety.  Additionally they are interested in learning about the ‘wellbeing’ of local people and exploring ideas for the future of public service delivery.

Five thousand households across the city will be contacted directly regarding the survey whilst bilingual surveys will be made available at Hubs, Libraries and selected Council buildings.  Links to the survey will be emailed to over 70,000 residents, including holders of Library Cards, Active Cards and members of the Council’s Citizens’ Panel.

The council’s website and social media networks also play a key role in promoting the consultation.  A social media campaign will take place utilising @CardiffCouncil and the Cardiff Debate Twitter accounts, which have a combined audience of approximately 55,000 followers.

You can take part in this consultation by clicking here.

The Cardiff Debate 2016

As the public and third sector face significant financial pressures in terms of reducing budgets and growing demand for service, the Cardiff Partnership is looking at different ways to shape the future of public services. The Cardiff Debate is a series of events that will happen over the next three years and will involve local people and communities. They will be holding these events in local communities to ensure that conversations are happening with citizens across the city and giving people the opportunity to discuss different priorities.

A full report with the results and feedback from the 1st phase of the Cardiff Debate that included 37 events held across the city from June to September 2014 can be found here.

To keep up to date with the latest developments and details of upcoming events ‘Like’ the Facebook Page and follow on Twitter.

Don’t forget to visit our new Cardiff Debate Website.

The Cardiff Debate started in June 2014 and some of the views from citizens can be viewed here.

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