January 15, 2020

Cardiff Council’s Transport White Paper: A 10 Year Vision

Earlier today, Cardiff Council outlined ambitious plans to transform public transport in our City. The White Paper lays out an ambitious 10-year plan to tackle the climate emergency, reduce congestion and improve air quality in the Welsh capital.  It has been developed following consultation with thousands of city residents, health and transport experts.   Options are being considered for the delivery …

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January 14, 2020

Consultation: Boundary Changes to Cardiff Council Electoral Wards

The Boundary Commission has published its draft proposals for the future electoral arrangements for the City and County of Cardiff. You can view the proposals here on the Commission’s consultation portal, compare them with the existing arrangements and make any comments which you may wish to make. There are proposals to change Cardiff Central electoral wards, including Pentwyn and Plasnewydd – if …

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January 10, 2020

My Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a very busy first week back in Parliament after the festive break. We have a new Speaker and Deputy Speakers were elected this week. Unfortunately I was not successful in the Private Members’ Bill ballot, but I hope to revive my Automatic Voter Registration Bill this year through another mechanism. Firstly, this week the Labour Leadership election properly …

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January 8, 2020

My nomination for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

I have nominated Angela Rayner for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. She’s a lifelong trade unionist; tough, smart, utterly loyal to our Party and our trade union movement. Someone who galvanises support right across it. Someone who should never, ever be underestimated because every time people do that, she proves them wrong. A great campaigner, motivator and a grafter. …

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January 8, 2020

My nomination for the next Labour Leader

I’ve nominated Keir Starmer for leader of the Labour Party. There are some great candidates and I listened carefully to them all at the hustings last night. In the end though, for me it comes down to who I believe can effectively lead our Party out of the current mess and successfully into the future, building trust and confidence with …

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December 16, 2019

New GWR Timetable

Great Western Railway have introduced the biggest timetable change on the network since 1976 – around three-quarters of journey times are now different. The timetable introduced on 15 December 2019 is now providing new services and has changed old ones as part of the improvements. We have done our best to ensure customers aren’t caught out – particularly customers who …

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November 12, 2019

Parliament Dissolved due to General Election on December 12th

Due to the upcoming General Election on Thursday December 12th, the current Parliament has been dissolved, there are no MPs and I am now your Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Cardiff Central. I hope to be re-elected as your Labour MP to represent you in the new Parliament. If you have an open case with my office, Parliamentary rules mean that …

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November 5, 2019

My Monthly Newsletter

My monthly newsletter, detailing my work in Westminster and across Cardiff Central in October is now available. You can read it by clicking here. Due to the upcoming General Election on Thursday December 12th, the current Parliament will be dissolved on Wednesday, there will no MPs and I will become your Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Cardiff Central. I hope to …

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October 25, 2019

Weekly Round-Up

Equality Monday saw the introduction of same sex marriage and allowing safe, legal access to abortion without the threat of criminal prosecution and a life sentence brought into law in Northern Ireland. I championed both of these law changes, co-sponsoring the proposals, and was proud to have been able to use my vote to improve the lives of fellow British …

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October 23, 2019

The Future of English Cricket DCMS Committee Evidence Session

Today’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee hearing focused on the ‘future of English cricket’. It was an interesting and wide ranging evidence session focusing on how the recent success of the men’s and women’s cricket teams can be built on in future years. Topics included free to air TV, the ECB’s new competition ‘the Hundred’, participation and equal pay …

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