Are you interested in film making or script writing?

Enter your film or script into the Film the House competition and you could win prizes including work experience at Sky, mentoring and advice from leading industry figures, a day on a film set or your film being screened.

The competition is a way to showcase what the UK has to offer, and to discover the talent in our communities who’ll be leading the way in the industry in the future.

I know that here in Cardiff Central we have a wealth of talent in the creative industries. Not just through a thriving film and television industry, but in our schools, colleges and universities. I would be thrilled to see lots of entries from Cardiff Central and maybe even some winners at the House of Commons awards ceremony.

The Film the House competition is sponsored by MPs who are part of the All Party Parliamentary Groups on Film and Intellectual Property, and the entries are judged by industry experts.

Local MPs judge the entries for the first round, and the local winners are judged by the national panel.

Key dates for the competition:

31 July 2017: Closing date for entries to MPs’ offices

30 August 2017: Constituency nominations announced

24 October 2017: Award ceremony with screening at the House of Commons

Find out more, and enter now at

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