Cardiff’s first statue of a named woman is going to be decided by a public vote via BBC Wales.

Five women have been shortlisted for the artwork which will be placed outside BBC Wales’ new headquarters at Central Square in the City Centre.

None of the women shortlisted are still alive.

They are Cranogwen, Lady Rhondda, Elizabeth Andrews, Elaine Morgan and Betty Campbell.

Voting opens on Friday 11th January, and you can vote and learn all about the shortlisted women by clicking here.

  1. Jackie Hockley says:

    Betty Campbell is my choice, when I was doing teacher training my grow students were all white, and teaching in Valley schools for years, only in 2015 did I see a non white student teacher. I can’t imagine the struggles Betty faced but I know she would’ve worked so much harder than her white colleagues to get where she did, and she would’ve inspired so many pupils. I myself went to Howardian, and I know that many of my peers faced prejudice from pupils and teachers in many cases, and Betty worked hard to stop it all. I think as well that her being a woman in living memory would inspire many

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