I’m sure that everyone would agree that the Homeless Football World Cup was a resounding success and for the first time, an event for all ages with activities for children and young people helping create a friendly environment.

I saw some top quality football at the start of the tournament but had the opportunity to visit again towards the end of the tournament – I was shown around by Sarah Stephens who works with volunteers on CCHA’s Reach Project.

Sarah introduced me to Rosa May-Harris of Street Football Wales, one of the key people who made the tournament in Cardiff such a success.  The work that Rosa and others do gives people real opportunities to change their lives. Speaking to Mark, Wales’s goalkeeper and hearing about the difference the Homeless Football World Cup has made his life was inspiring.   You can read more about Street Football Wales here.

I also chatted with Sian, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Safe Foundation, about the work they do in the UK and globally to improve the lives of some of the poorest communities.

I charged my phone (via bicycle!) whilst catching up with Cardiff Council’s Youth Services, signed up to support Cymorth Cymru’s End Homelessness Project and took time to look at the Share a Life exhibition in the Bevan Tent.

Congratulations to the organisers and players for putting on event that Cardiff can be proud to have hosted – bring on Finland 2020!

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