Labour is calling on the Government to end all discussions on judicial cooperation with Saudi Arabia and for the publication of the Memorandum of Understanding that Chris Grayling, then Secretary of State for Justice, signed with the Saudi Minister of Justice on 10th September 2014.

This comes in response to the 47 executions carried out by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 1st January 2016 and the long-standing concerns these and many other cases raise about the Saudi judicial system and process of fair trial.

Andy Slaughter MP, Labour’s Shadow Human Rights Minister said:

“It is not right that the UK should be actively cooperating with a justice system that shows such flagrant disregard for the most basic human rights and the rule of law. Cancelling the prison contract last year and disbanding the Ministry of Justice unit that negotiated it has had no effect on discussions on wider judicial cooperation which are continuing through the British Embassy in Riyadh.

“These should cease immediately and the Government should publish the Memorandum and disclose the full nature of British support and advice on justice issues to the Saudi regime.”

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