Macmillan Cancer Support’s Mobile Information Service is heading to Cardiff.

Everyone is welcome to use the service. Whether you have a cancer diagnosis, have a friend or relative affected by cancer, or are worried about cancer in any way at all, there are lots of ways that Macmillan can support you – medically, financially, emotionally and practically.

Wherever the mobile service is, our team of trained radiographers, dietitians and financial experts are there to talk to you in confidence, for as long as you need, to open up all the Macmillan services on offer. Or, you can pick up leaflets to take away with you.

The mobile team can help you with:

  • Screening and what to look out for, for example signs and symptoms
  • Different cancers, their treatments and side effects
  • How cancer affects your life, for example: finances or employment
  • Talking about your cancer, or talking to someone with cancer
  • Being there for someone with cancer, or the support available locally
  • Survivorship and recurrence


The Mobile Information Service will be in Cardiff on the following dates:

Thursday 13th December – 9am to 6pm
Cardiff – High Street, CP10 1PU

Friday 14th December – 9am to 6pm
Cardiff – Queen Street, CF10 2HQ

For more information about the service please click here.

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