A full planning application is to be submitted imminently for the proposed 4 storey development of, 18 new apartments, one café, along with other associated work at 17-41 Clearwater Way.

LRM Planning and Silver Crescent Developments are the consultants and developers respectively and they have begun a period of consultation on their proposals.

You can view the plans by clicking here.

The consultation closes on August 9th and responses can be received via post or email using the contact details below. When responding please ensure it is clear that you are commenting on the Clearwater Way development, otherwise your comments may not be considered.

Write to:

LRM Planning

22 Cathedral Road


CF11 9LJ

02920 349737

Email: admin@lrmplanning.com

I’d urge all constituents local to the site to comment and ensure their views are fed in at this pre-application stage. In addition to this, once the developers have entered the full planning application you will have another chance to comment or object via the Council – details of this will be circulated to you nearer the time.

  1. Chisako Okada says:

    The parking on Clearwater Way is always problem for thr residence near by. The proposed buidling plan does not have any parking space at all, this means we will have more parking problems for the locals. Have you considered this??

  2. Irena Nicholas says:

    As a resident of Lakeside for over 30 years I would like to make the following comments:
    1 Lakeside is designed as a ‘garden city’ type of environment and such a huge urban style building is not really in keeping with the ambience of that street . I believe two storeys as at present would be ideal..but certainly three should be an absolute maximum.
    2 The properties at the rear of this building will find their back gardens totally suddenly overlooked by a huge number of new dwellings which will probably lead to loss of value of their properties as well as being a total invasion of their privacy
    3 Parking will be a huge issue. There are already not enough car parking spaces at present and the huge influx of extra dwellings will likely cause overspill of parking problems in front of houses in surrounding streets.who do not deserve to be subjected to this.
    4 The eight extra spaces for residents shown at the rear of the property cause bemusement as the way this is shown on the plan suggests that 4 of any such vehicles would be trapped in behind the other 4. .?? How would the 4 at the back exit? Therefore is it really viable for 8 cars?
    5 Of huge importance is where would your construction traffic and materials be stored? Even the internal refurbishment of Tesco recently led to contractors vans…electricians, carpenters, plasterers etc etc taking up many of the spaces which should be available for shoppers …for several weeks! Similarly the Council had a project to re-tarmac some of the pavements in local streets, and their vehicles were taking up half a dozen parking spaces for several weeks. But these projects pale into insignificance in comparison to the quite massive construction project now being proposed. Where will your contractors vehicles and building materials be stored ? Potentially the construction related vehicles could be filling most of the parking spaces in front of the shops for a year or so?
    6 At the moment local residents park in the street opposite the 5 new parking spaces which you propose for shoppers. I’m not sure if there would be room for cars to turn into this spaces..or perhaps these residents who have lost the parking space outside their home would end up having to use the spaces you thought you were providing for shoppers.

  3. jonathan ball says:

    I’m a local Cyncoed resident. Here are my feelings on the matter.
    We need more houses, and higher density accommodation is better for the environment than urban sprawl.
    There are easy transport link to the city from the lakeside area, and we should be discouraging driving.
    I would encourage more of this type of development over the urban cul-de-sac sprawl being thrown up around the suburbs of cardiff.
    As to those people who think it doesn’t fit with Lakeside, how do they think their own houses fitted when they where built or even the lake itself which is artificial. I read there where lots of negative comments at the time…..

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