NRW have now completed all engineering works in the Park Gardens, such as the piled and concrete walls, and are now undertaking the hard landscaping. This month they will finish creating the paths through the gardens, placing coping stones, building the dais and pergola in Waterloo Gardens and laying the pennant stone paving for the viewing platform in Roath Mill Gardens. Once these engineering works are complete, the majority of the large construction machines will be leaving the Parks Gardens areas, with generally smaller machines / manual work used for the planting and final reinstatement.

Due to the ongoing dry weather the soft landscaping work, involving turfing, seeding and planting, has been delayed, as workers are unable to undertake this. Unfortunately NRW cannot predict when this work will be completed, as they need some decent rain first.

Sections of the Park Gardens and key access routes will be open as soon as possible. The new footbridge between Newminster Road and Waterloo Gardens will be open in the next few weeks. Likewise, the new path and boundary gate to the shops in Roath Mill Gardens will open this month. NRW are looking at how they can open other paths also, with suitable fencing, in advance of completing the soft landscaping work.

Tree felling and construction work in Roath Brook Gardens and Roath Mill Gardens (Phase 3 of the Roath Flood Scheme) is still on pause as the Roath Brook Trees campaign group reviews the project.

When I receieve further updates on the scheme I will post them here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me using and I will contact NRW.

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