January 27, 2020

Backing USDAW’s Campaign to Protect Shop Workers from Violence

Usdaw, the trade union representing shop workers is calling for new legislation to protect shop workers from violence. Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics last week show a 14% rise in the number of police recorded incidents of shoplifting in England and Wales over the last decade, which Usdaw highlight as the main trigger for violence, threats and …

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October 22, 2013

“Being threatened with violence while you do your job is completely unacceptable wherever you work” – Jo Stevens

Last year 4% of retail staff across the country were attacked at work and 34% were threatened with violence. Currently these kinds of assaults are sentenced under Common Assault guidelines. Under these guidelines it is an aggravating factor to assault a public sector worker. However this does not apply to the thousands of people working in the private sector in Cardiff …

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