On Monday, trade union members from around the UK came to Parliament to oppose the Trade Union Bill.

I met with trade union members from Cardiff and across Wales to listen to grave concerns about the Bill and how it will erode democratic rights at work. I was able to explain how I have scrutinised and opposed every clause of the Bill as it has gone through its Committee stage in the House of Commons.

I attended the rally at Westminster Central Hall and listened to speeches from midwives, bus drivers, physiotherapists, trade union officers and leaders, expert trade union lawyers and General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady, opposing the Bill. There was a great performance by the Unison staff choir and a contribution from Mock the Week comedian Andy Parsons, who is a member of Equity trade union, that ridiculed the social media restrictions in the Bill such as the requirement that unions would need to notify the Government two weeks in advance of what they intend to tweet during strike action.

You can read more about the Trade Union Bill and its potential impacts in the three blog posts I have written.

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