I visited the Job Centre on Charles Street in the city centre recently.

The team showed me round the centre, which has recently been redesigned to create a more relaxed environment. It’s hoped the redesign will also reduce queues and waiting times.

Following the rollout of Universal Credit, which has replaced a number of existing benefits, many constituents have been in touch with me with some of the key concerns including the way the system works for self employed people, the potential for domestic abuse due to payments being made to one person of a couple instead of individually, and the frequency of payments.

I am aware that some of these issues are under negotation, and it was helpful to be able to raise them directly with the team.

In addition to benefits applications, the Job Centre provides advice to those looking for work and in work, to advise on opportunities, budgeting and job seeking.

If you have any issues or questions regarding Universal Credit rollout, or other benefits and welfare, please do get in touch, come along to one of my surgeries, or pop in to my constituency office.

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