I was really pleased to be able to visit the Gym Group’s Capitol Centre gym on Queen Street just ahead of its reopening following months of closure during the Coronavirus lockdown.

These months have been hard for gyms and leisure centres around the country, both large chains and small independent gyms have faced financial difficulty resulting from the pandemic.

I was shown around the gym by lead PT Andy to see how the Gym have been able to adapt to ensure a safe environment in the current times.

I was impressed by the measures in place, including limited opening hours (initially), multiple hand sanitser and cleaning stations and having more cleaning staff on hand to ensure equipment is routinely cleaned. As you can see, equipment has been adequately spaced out so social distancing can be maintained, with guides on the floor too.

I know that for many, the closure of gyms and leisure centres has been tough – exercise brings with it many important health benefits, including mental health.

As gyms reopen on Monday, please ensure if you’re visiting you pay attention to the new rules in place, and do everything you can to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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