In June 2018, Brains moved from their older iconic city centre Cardiff Brewery in Crawshay Street to their new site at the Dragon Brewery in Cardiff Bay. In the second half of 2018, Brains installed new, modern and efficient brewery into this site, with brewing switching fully from the Cardiff Brewery to the Dragon Brewery earlier this year. 

The old Crawshay Street site is in the process of being transformed into a 2.5 million square feet mixed-use development, which will be one of the UK’s largest regeneration projects and known as Central Quay. Brains is partnering with another Cardiff-based family business, Rightacres Property, to jointly develop Central Quay.

It’s planned that the iconic Brains chimney and brewhouse will remain as the centrepiece of the Central Quay development, which will include a Brains brewpub and visitor attraction.

It was really interesting while being shown around the new site the story of Brains Beer in Cardiff – beer has been brewed on their old site in the city centre since 1713!

There’s a really good timeline of their history on their website here.

To round off a fantastic visit, I met Paula (pictured at the top) who leads a team of brewers. She is the only female brewer at Brains and is originally from Bogota, Colombia. We had a good chat about Welsh brewing and my visits to the Bogotá Beer Company last year!

This visit came about as a result of Elevens Bar and Grill (owned by the one and only Gareth Bale) winning an award for its quality as a Sports Bar. So congratulations to everyone at Elevens and the wider Brains team, and thank you for such an informative visit!

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