I will be voting against the Prime Minister’s Brexit Deal on Tuesday 15th January.

Here’s my speech in the debate where I explain why I oppose her deal, oppose Brexit and call for revocation of Article 50 now or through a second public vote.



  1. Keith Jenkins says:

    Excellent speech.My own view hasn’t changed.The best deal is the current one we have with the EU.By staying in the EU we can put forward and debate any matters that need improving.If in the end the UK doesn’t get its own way then we must accept the loss.After all,there are another 27 countries’ views that are also revelant.That is the price to be paid for being part of a union of states.
    I want to see the UK retain full membership of the EU,and go for further in the integration of the member states.It would be a huge mistake for this country to be a lone wolf in an increasingly dangerous wilderness.
    Keep fighting.You have my full support.

  2. Valmai Jones says:

    I agree that Mays deal sells out Britain. The vote was for Freedom from the eu. Total sovereignty back. That’s why no deal is the only way to achieve this. In a vote majority wins. If labour won an election will you take on x conservatives bevause they lost. No.
    The whole two years of rabble and childish behaviour in parliament is a refusal to accept a majority won.
    More would now vote leave due to the eu’s behaviour and the greater knowledge that it is a group of ailing countries both financially and politically. This failure to grasp ordinary voters views is all politicians downfall. Talk anywhere,transport,checkouts concerts etc people are up to speed with politics. Connected like never before. They all want one thing Britain put first. Free from the eu
    No to freedom of movement. Cut foreign aid. If you are not aware of all this you need to get out and about more.
    No deal gets a. Decision. Gets stability in the future back. Gets planning moving forward. Another vote will say out. Another vote will say no deal. Democracy is teetering. Democracy.is what has made the western world great. Mp’s are seen as self serving and corrupt. The people are angry at them for not carrying out what they were elected to do.get us out of the eu.

  3. Colin Evans says:

    Excellent speech Jo, measured and to the point. I do not agree with the six tests put forward by the Labour Party, but that aside. We are where we are and crashing out is not an option for me. however a people’s vote seems the only way out of this mess to me and you seem to be supportive of that. David Cameron has a lot to answer for.

    Colin Evans

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