Last weekend I was invited by 22nd Cardiff Scouts, Beavers and Cubs to join in their UK Parliament Week Activity Day.

I arrived as an excellent debate on lowering the voting age to 16 was happening and manifestos for elections were being finalised. There were some fantastic ideas in the manifestos. Gianluca had four pledges covering the environment, transport and housing (see below).

Zach has a specialist manifesto about gaming and had a huge number of questions for me about what MPs could do about the different types of games, age limits, sales and restrictions.

Bethan had named her political party “For The Better” and her manifesto concentrated on changing our behaviour and improving animal welfare.

We then had a very lively question and answer session in which I was asked questions including some about weapons, gaming, the right age for buying and playing different types of on-line games, what we can watch on YouTube, whether I am friends with any Tory MPs, what it’s like when you have to live and work in two different cities and countries and finally, how old I am!

I got to ask some questions too and I got some really fascinating answers.

I was so impressed by how engaged and interested these young people were about all sorts of issues that affect their lives at home, at school and in our local community. Clearly, the impact of the internet and how this affects our behaviour and relationships with family and friends is both important and a concern. I listened carefully to those concerns and how problems might be solved.

Thank you 22nd Cardiff Scouts for such a welcome and a fun time. See you again soon!

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