Along with the Love Socialism, Hate Brexit campaign and 79 of my Labour Parliamentary colleagues I have signed this open letter to the Labour leadership, asking for a guarantee that any Brexit deal is sent back to the public for a confirmatory vote.

It’s clear that the Prime Minister has completely run out of options. She can’t get the support of the DUP or her own backbenchers for her deal, so in a desperate move has approached the Labour Party to try and find an alternative route forward.

The Prime Minister has been clear that the legally binding part of the Brexit deal (the Withdrawal Agreement) cannot be renegotiated – meaning the only concessions we could obtain are on the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

I am extremely concerned that any hard-line, Brexiteer Tory Prime Minister could simply tear up any agreement, and many Tory MPs are aiming for exactly this anyway.

It is vital that any agreement contains provision for a confirmatory public vote – to guarantee the jobs, rights and protections we will be arguing for.

You can see the letter in full below.


  1. William Mills says:

    Thank you for the stance you take on Brexit. Please do everything you can to make the Labour leadership understand that if it connives in a Brexit deal ( whether including some form of customs union or not) it will permanently lose the support of many lifelong labour voters like me unless it insists on a further referendum. In those circumstances I hope that principled people like you will resign from the party.

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