Beresford Road Bridge will be temporarily closing, to allow a full reconstruction as part of Network Rail’s plans to electrify the South Wales mainline.

The bridge will be closed from 23rd July 2016. During closure, Network Rail have assured me that the road will only be closed across the bridge and access to all nearby streets and properties will remain in place at all times.


Windsor Road Bridge will be reopened in early July 2016. Network Rail will ensure this bridge is reopened before the closure of Beresford Road bridge and there will be a temporary footbridge installed alongside Beresford Road bridge, ensuring the bridge is closed to road traffic only.

Below are some key construction dates, but Network Rail have advised they may be subject to change depending on construction progress.

  • Utility temporary diversions: May-July 2016
  • Close Beresford Road/Moorland Road to traffic: 23rd July 2016
  • Remove southern span of bridge: August 2016
  • Fully remove the bulk of the bridge (spanning the railway): September 2016
  • Reconstruct new bridge: September 2016-February 2017
  • Open Beresford Road to traffic: Early Spring 2017


Network Rail are also holding two information drop-in events where local residents can speak to members of the Network Rail team about the reconstruction:

  • Thursday 26th May, 3pm-7pm at the STAR Centre, 2 Splott Road, CF24 2BZ
  • Tuesday 7th June, 3pm-7pm, St Albans Church, Cameron Street, CF24 2NX


Network Rail and their contractors will endeavour to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum for local residents. If you experience any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me using or by calling my constituency office on 02921 329736.

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