Thank you to the many hundreds of people who have contacted me about the current protests in the United States and their deep concerns.

I fully support the Black Lives Matters movement.

Night after night, the footage from the US has shocked us all. The killing of George Floyd. The deplorable and dangerous use of force against protesters led by Donald Trump.

His deliberate use of inflammatory language, inciting violence against those he is supposed to lead and represent, and the subsequent responses from many police forces in my view has no place in any democracy. 

What makes our Cardiff Central community a real community, is its diversity. It’s what makes me so proud to be your Member of Parliament. But we, across the UK, have to recognise that racism today is not confined to the United States. Reports of hate crimes in the UK have doubled since 2013 and only last year, a poll showed 71% of people from BAME communities in the UK experienced discrimination.

Every one of us is equal, and every one of us can help combat racism, individually and collectively. Children are not born racist, they learn racism from what they see and hear around them. Education is key, and we can all support some of the many organisations in the UK working to combat hate and build a better society for all of us.

Below, I’ve included a list of groups, both in the US and the UK, which you may consider following, supporting and donating to if you are able to.

HOPE not hate/HOPE not hate Wales

Show Racism the Red Card

Black Lives Matter

Black Women’s Blueprint


George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Minnesota Freedom Fund:

Labour Leader Keir Starmer has said:-

“Coronavirus thrives on inequality. Inequality thrives on inaction. We must seriously tackle the racial injustices that scar our society.”

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