I’m very pleased to hear that following my representations, and subsequent meeting, the six bus routes that were under threat and due to end on March 31st have been saved thanks to new investment by Cardiff Council.

A number of constituents had contacted me with concern for the axing of the bus routes.

Through a new tender exercise, Cardiff Bus has won four of the routes, with Stagecoach winning the remaining two routes.

Cllr Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning said: “ I am pleased to report that following the news that these services were going to be cut by the operator, the Council has been working hard to ensure that services are saved and in time for the end of March.

“The Council has ensured that these services can continue through a significant investment approved by the Cabinet.

“Whilst we have been able to secure these services for a further two years, we may not be in a position to do so if more routes are threatened. That is why we welcome the Welsh Government’s proposals and call on them to bring forward legislation urgently so we have suitable regulations to improve services and the long term viability.

“I would also urge Cardiff residents to try to use the bus services over a private car, wherever they are able to do so.”


  1. Julia Bagshaw says:

    Just to say thank for all your support during this matter. You have been the only one to look into the matter as I contacted both the libdems on the council and also to jenny rathbone on the assembly, she didn’t have the decenties to reply.

    Julie Bagshaw

  2. Irene Hockley says:

    The 54 has not been saved and the 52 is far from satisfactory. It is irregular breaks down and changes in and out of schools and university term time.. the time table as published has changed several times even today the driver had a different schedule again and the bus waited half an hour in Hampton crescent on the turnaround. Monday I waited for 11 06 on Cyncoed. Rd A bus came but the driver waved but did not stop.. I arrived in town at 12,25. It’s very early days but what a mess. Feels like a week already . Please think again Cardiff bus. Thanks for your help and interest.

  3. Keith James says:

    Thank you Jo for your newsletter which we appreciate all the work you undertake. However the 54 bus has been scrapped.which means the elderly residents of Celyn Avenue, Lake Road West, Shirley Rd & Mackintosh Place are still unable to access bus services without having to walk substantial distances. In the case of Celyn Avenue the very steep incline means many less able residents will simply be unable to access a bus due to the 54 being scrapped.
    This is a great concern for them.
    Keep up the good work – let’s hope and pray Brexit will not proceed.
    Kind regards
    Keith James

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