Earlier today, Cardiff Council outlined ambitious plans to transform public transport in our City.

The White Paper lays out an ambitious 10-year plan to tackle the climate emergency, reduce congestion and improve air quality in the Welsh capital.  It has been developed following consultation with thousands of city residents, health and transport experts.  

Options are being considered for the delivery of the £2bn transport vision, which is designed to transform Cardiff and South East Wales’ transport network through a series of projects which could revolutionise active travel and public transport options in Cardiff and the region. ​​

The White Paper lists a series of projects which could revolutionise public transport options in Cardiff and the region, including:

  • Expanding current Metro plans to deliver more new tram/train routes and stations in Cardiff and the region
  • Introducing new Bus Rapid Transit services and Park & Ride sites;
  • Lowering the cost of bus travel significantly
  • Delivering safer walking and cycling routes
  • Offering real travel options designed to get people out of their cars and onto public transport.

The right scheme could simultaneously and immediately do 4 things:

  1. Tackle climate change
  2. Reduce congestion
  3. Improve air quality
  4. Provide ring-fenced funding to invest in much-needed public transport initiatives

Cardiff Council is looking at a clean air charge for vehicles entering the city. It’s important to note that no Cardiff residents will be charged by this scheme and any profit will be reinvested into public transport and active travel in Cardiff.

You can view the full plans by clicking here.

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