This week is Catch the Bus Week, which aims to inspire people to leave the car at home and take the bus to their next destination.

It highlights just how central buses are to communities around the country – they are the most widely used form of public transport and they play a vital part in improving air quality, as well as reducing congestion in our cities.

This Catch the Bus Week, try switching one of your car journeys for a bus ride and you’ll contribute to reducing CO2 levels by 2 million tonnes! You’ll also get fitter by walking to the bus stop, and enjoy a less stressful commute to work.

I’m proud to be supporting Catch the Bus Week, and you can follow the events of the week using the hashtag #ctbw.

  1. Melvin card says:

    I agree that public transport is essential to get people back and forth to work.
    Public transport should be available 24/7 52 weeks of the year including all public holidays to get people out of cars .

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