Concessionary bus passes across Wales are changing!

Transport for Wales are currently in the process of renewing all concessionary bus passes in Wales. If you currently hold a bus pass there’s no need to panic – your current bus pass will still be valid until the end of the year.

All holders of a concessionary pass will need to reapply before Tuesday, December 31st 2019, when current passes will expire.

The old cards are being replaced by Transport for Wales with ‘Concessionary Travel Cards’. This is due to new-style card readers being installed on buses in the new year which would be unable to read the old cards.

Anybody who currently has a green coloured bus pass will be accepted and can apply from today. Transport for Wales is advising holders of the concessionary bus pass to apply for the new-style card in plenty of time before the end of the year.

You can apply online by clicking here.

You can also apply via a paper form by clicking here.

For further information, please visit the link below or get in touch if you have any further queries.

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