**Update 08/09/15**

Due to the overwhelming generosity of people in Cardiff Central, unfortunately our office is now full so we are unable to take any more donations at the moment. There is an ongoing need for support for refugees, so please keep hold of any items for now and we will update this post when there is more information about alternative drop-off locations.

People in Cardiff want to support refugees in crisis, and one of the simplest ways to help is by donating resources which will be distributed to Calais and across Europe.

I’ve offered my office as a location to drop off donations, which will be taken to Bristol and then across Europe from 14th September.

Items needed urgently are:

  • CLEAN men’s clothes (small to medium size, warm, clean, durable)
  • Men’s trainers and wellies
  • Sleeping bags (preferably good quality & waterproof)
  • Tents
  • Space blankets / emergency foil blankets
  • Baby slings
  • Baby clothes

Items can be dropped off from Thursday 3rd September until Friday 11th September at:

Jo Stevens MP Office, 116 Albany Road, Roath, CF24 3RU

9 – 5pm Monday – Friday



The Lansdowne Pub, 71 Beda Road, Canton, CF5 1LX

From 12pm daily


If you’d like any more information, please contact:

Siobhan Corria: srcorria@btinternet.com (07805 305925)

Cerys Furlong: cerysfurlong@gmail.com (07825 986177)


There will also be a sorting session to organise and bag up all the donations, on Saturday 12th September 10 – 11.30am at the Lansdowne Pub. Full details are available via this Facebook event.




Thank you for all your donations to help refugees in Europe. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response, which shows people in Wales really do care and want to help.

Yesterday we established two collection sites in Cardiff, one at The Lansdowne Pub and one at my office. The donations have been coming in fast along with the offers of help. We now need to co-ordinate our efforts with fellow groups in Cardiff and Wales so that we maximise our time and resources. We still plan to transport the items to a drop off point in Bristol on Monday 14th September, but there are other messages we need to convey. Please let us know how you can help.

The list of items required is available above. At present, due to the sheer volume of donations we have received, we are unable to receive any more until we have started to process the bags of donations currently received.

If you can join us on Saturday 12th September to sort through the donations, please come to The Lansdowne Pub between 10 and 11.30am. Full details are on Facebook here. If you can help sort but you’re not available on the 12th, please get in touch and we can make arrangements for you to sort donations at your home or another location.

These are not a high priority at the moment so we suggest holding on to them until they are requested by the group in Bristol. Alternatively, if you do have children’s clothes and toys you could consider selling them in a car boot sale and donating the proceeds to those who are travelling to Calais to deliver the donations.

If you live outside of Cardiff, please check the Wales Supports Refugees Facebook page. On this page you will find information about groups across Wales and their pick up venues. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to pick up items.

When we have started processing the donations, we may be looking for storage for items that are not currently a priority. If you are willing to store donations, please let us know.

If you have spare boxes or can source them, please let us know. They will be useful for storing and transporting donations.


    Hi, My name is Andy Coleman and I am going to Calais in an empty Citroen Berlingo van on this Friday the 14th. I have been let down by somebody with goods to take over so at short notice I can fill the van and take whatever to whoever.
    I have been over a lot of times in the last couple of years including going to the Jungle so I know most drop off points, or will find them. If this is of any use please ring/email me as soon as poss. as this is a waste of an empty van otherwise.
    My phone no. is 07970626487

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