I was very pleased recently to write the foreword for The Green Alliances blog on climate policy.

The key takeaway messages from the report are:
• The government and businesses need to offer stronger national leadership and a clear strategy
• People are willing to act and want more power, but they must be supported by leadership at the national level
• Policy must be consistently implemented across all government departments and take into account the impacts on citizens, jobs and communities

A strong theme was that participants did not want to see contradictions in government policies. They wanted to see how climate policies could have beneficial impacts on citizens, of instance in terms of jobs and ensuring fairness. Our citizens’ juries suggest that this is an idea well worth pursuing. Participants really wanted to see leadership, and where their actions could fit into the bigger picture.

We are currently seeing in the news the dreadful destruction of the Amazon (an issue which many constituents have already contacted me about).

Recent protests worldwide have demonstrated the amazing effect of people power and the desire for action on the current climate change emergency. Governments and big business have undermined citizens’ contributions to the current emergency. It is vital that citizens across all communities are consulted and made to be a part of the solution to the biggest challenge humanity will face.

You can read my foreword and the full report by clicking here.

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