This week, I have written to the Managing Director of Cardiff Bus to raise my concerns at the planned cuts to Cardiff Bus/Capital Links services accross Cardiff.

This follows concerns being raised from many constituents about the planned service cuts.

I have asked for a meeting with Cardiff Bus to discuss these concerns in more detail.

You can see my letter to Cardiff Bus below, and as soon as I receive a response I will keep you updated.

Should you have any issues or concerns about Cardiff Bus that you would like me to raise, please email me at

My Letter: 


Proposed Changes to Cardiff Bus and Capital Links Services

I write regarding the proposed changes to Cardiff Bus and Capital Links services.

I have been contacted by a number of constituents living in different areas of Cardiff Central expressing their concerns about the changes you intend to make.

In particular, constituents have contacted me with concerns about the loss of services to    Circle Way West, Gwernrhuddi Road, Rhydypenau Road and Heathwood Road via the 51/53 route, and the redirection of the 28/28A services away from Lake Road West and Mackintosh Place.

Concerns raised with me by constituents focus mainly on the impact of these proposals to elderly residents, but also to residents with significant disabilities who rely enormously on these routes to get around on a daily basis.

There are also more general concerns that the loss of these vital services will impact on our city’s ability to provide comprehensive sustainable transport, at a time when we are all aiming to get cars off the road, and people onto public transport. The proposed changes are a clear disincentive to that collective aim.

I have read the letter you kindly sent to me on 31st January, titled “Understanding the reasons for the service changes – Making Cardiff Bus Fit for the Future” but I am afraid that this does not directly address any of the concerns that have been raised with me to date by my constituents.

I would welcome a discussion with you, possibly with constituents who are severely impacted by your plans, to understand in more detail the reasons for your proposed changes, how you have selected those routes that are to be impacted the most and what criteria you have used in reaching those decisions.

I would be grateful if your office could liaise with mine to set up a mutually convenient date and time.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely,

Jo Stevens MP

Member of Parliament for Cardiff Central

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