Parliament Week 2014 starts today and this year the theme is democracy.

Young people across the UK are being invited to join in with a social media campaign running all week. You can join in by posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #DoDemocracy and share what you’re doing to make a change, or the change you want to see.

The most popular issues will be shared with Parliament.

Alongside this there are events running during the week online and around the UK. You can see the full listings here.

Politics affects everyone and everything we all care about – now and in the future, and that’s what’s being debated now. I’m passionate about democracy because it’s what ensures all our voices are heard.

If you have an idea about how we can build a better future for people in Cardiff Central and across the UK, get in touch and let me know. If I’m elected as your MP on May 7th 2015 I will work hard every day to represent your voice in Westminster and make sure we implement the changes we need for a better future.

This Parliament Week, I’ll be sharing some of my ideas for the future but I’d love to know what yours are. Tweet @JoStevensLabour with the hashtag #DoDemocracy and let me know what you think.

For more information about Parliament Week, visit the website or follow @parliament_weekon Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.



Could you spare a few hours a week to help me campaign in Cardiff Central for the changes we need to make for a better future? There are loads of different ways to help out, from knocking doors to stuffing envelopes, planning fundraisers to making tea. Join in now.

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