Yesterday I was pleased to visit the SHEP Food and Fun project being run at St Teilo’s High School in Cardiff Central, providing healthy meals, food and nutrition education, physical activity and enrichment sessions to children during the summer holidays. 

During the school holidays, when free breakfasts in Primary Schools and Free School Meals are not available, some families currently struggle to afford or access food that provides a healthy diet.

There are now 15 primary schools in Cardiff running SHEP projects and St Teilo’s is the first secondary school.

I met Gareth, the Chaplain from St Teilo’s who oversees the project, along with Judith and new headteacher Mr Loynd.

The staff running the project come from the school itself, so the catering staff and staff running the projects are familiar to the children attending.

During the day, children get breakfast and lunch and an hour sport each day (from Sport Cardiff). They also receive important nutrition education, and the rest of the time is spent in ‘enrichment activities’ run by outside organisations – this year St Telio’s have had sessions run by RNLI, the Police, Ambulance and Network Rail. Sessions are kept fun but also really informative – I could see for myself just how engaged all the children were in the activities.

The children have also had sports sessions run by Glamorgan Cricket and the WRU this year which were overwhelmingly popular. If you’re an organisation reading this and you run outreach sessions, click here if you want to get involved in helping this project.

A big well done to all students and staff involved in this project. I could see for myself the enjoyment on the kids’ faces as I visited – and if you’re a parent and you’re interested in your child attending future sessions please click here.

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