On 22nd January, the Tory and Lib Dem government’s anti-charity bill, known as the Gagging Bill, was back in the Commons for votes on key amendments made by the House of Lords to safeguard the work of charities and to clean up politics.

Before the vote, Cardiff Central Lib Dem MP Jenny Willott took to Twitter and said “I support almost all the Lords amendments. V important to make lobbying transparent & get big money out, but not gag charities”

What she actually did was back the government on all the votes that mattered, ignoring the many representations received from constituents.

Jenny Willott:

  • Voted against having new lobbying rules cover MP’s Special Advisers, preventing transparency of big business lobbying
  • Voted against exempting charities’ staff costs from funding limits that threaten to gag charities
  • Voted to put back in key limits on what campaigners, charities, and voluntary groups can do to speak up on issues of the day

So, she says one thing and then does another hoping no-one will notice.

Is this the way for an MP to behave?

The voters of Cardiff Central will make up their own minds.

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