Harry Leslie Smith

9 Apr, 2015 | jostevenslabour | No Comments

Harry Leslie Smith

This week I has the privilege of meeting Harry Leslie Smith. He joined us in Cardiff Central to speak about the impact of austerity on lives and communities. Harry’s story comes with a warning: he remembers what it was like before the NHS and the Welfare State. We can’t let it be taken away.

Meeting Harry was one of the best moments of my campaign trail so far, I really enjoyed spending time listening to his stories and sharing our own campaign tales with him. 

After our dinner he told his story, and reminded us all how much our vote really does count. The audience gave Harry a standing ovation. It’s impossible to hear this man speak and not feel inspired!

In this video he explains why he’s campaigning for a Labour victory on May 7th:


Will you play your part it making it a Labour win in 2015? Sign up to volunteer now.

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