If you are a tenant of a housing association property in Wales, all providers have banded together to commit not to evict any tenant who suffers financial hardship as a result of Coronavirus.

They have also gone further and put together a package of support for tenants in these uncertain times.

I’m extremely grateful to the Associations for taking the right stance, and a stance that will ensure tenants in Cardiff Central are physically and financially secure.

Below are a number of measures of help I’ve been informed about from Community Housing Cymru.

Support measures:

Housing associations will keep tenants safe and secure in their home

Housing associations have committed to not evict any tenant who suffers financial hardship during the Coronavirus pandemic, and will continue to offer support throughout this period and beyond. We are also continuing our work to end all evictions into homelessness from social housing.

Housing associations will help tenants get the financial support they need

Housing associations have a range of our own support and advice services available, as well as working closely with other local advice services, to ensure tenants have access to the support they need.

Housing associations are here to support tenants and find solutions if they have difficulty paying your rent

If tenants are having difficulty paying their rent, it is vital that they engage with their housing associations. Our members have a range of solutions and ways in which they can support tenants in difficult financial circumstances. 

Housing associations will do everything they can to support tenants’ wellbeing

Housing associations are rooted in their communities and have a host of mechanisms to support tenants’ physical and mental wellbeing during this difficult time. They are adapting services in new and innovative ways to ensure they are able to reach tenants throughout this period.

As ever, if you’re having problems with your housing and the solution isn’t found in this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me with jo.stevens.mp@parliament.uk for help.

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