Have you registered to vote?

If you want to have your say in the General Election on 8th June you need to register to vote by Monday 22nd May.

It’s quick and easy to register online. Just visit gov.uk/registertovote


Want a postal vote?

Getting a postal vote makes it easier to vote. Your ballot paper will be sent to your house a couple of weeks before election day, and you can complete it and post it back any time.

If you don’t get a chance to post it, you can also drop it in to any polling station in Cardiff Central on polling day.

If you’re not sure you will have time to get to the polls on 8th June, sign up now for a postal vote so you don’t miss out!

Sign up for a postal vote here, or call into my campaign office at 116 Albany Road for a form any time.

P.S. – here’s Eddie Izzard on why it’s important to register and vote

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