On Saturday morning I was pleased to join local Labour Councillors Sam Knight, Sarah Merry and Chris Weaver, along with a large group of community activists for the first #KeepCathaysTidy community litter pick.

Saturday saw a huge turnout from local residents, community volunteers from the Al-Manar Centre, as well as representatives from Cardiff University Students Union, all keen to ensure that their local community is kept clean and tidy.

We had over 25 volunteers out on the litter pick, and a huge volume of litter was collected by the volunteers. It was fantastic to see such commitment to our local community from so many people.

This litter pick was organised by local Labour Councillors Sam Knight, Chris Weaver and Sarah Merry along with the Keep Wales Tidy campaign.

This week, Cathays is set to receive a ‘deep clean’ as part of a Cardiff Council effort to clean up our city. In addition to this, hundreds of properties in the area will be receiving special ‘student packs’ detailing on which days to put the correct waste out for collection by the Council.


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