Lots of people have written to me about animal welfare. The Tory government’s record on animal welfare issues is very poor, and I will stand up against cruelty and hunting in Parliament.

I share the deep anger of very many people in Cardiff Central about the Tories’ stance on animal welfare. Whilst I was your MP, I did everything I could to support campaigns protecting animal welfare both inside and outside Parliament. I am completely committed to maintaining and strengthening the ban on fox hunting with dogs and upholding animal welfare law.

As a lifelong animal lover I have made sure that protecting animals from unnecessary suffering has been a top priority. When I was elected in 2015 I pledged to work to improve animal welfare in Wales.

This has included:


  • Backing the campaign by Battersea Animal Shelter to raise the maximum sentencing for instances of animal cruelty, the current sentence is too low.
  • Opposing fox hunting as barbaric and completely unnecessary
  • Backing the retention and strengthening of animal welfare rules currently applied through the EU such as the complete ban on the testing of cosmetics and their components on animals


In our manifesto the Labour Party has committed to all 3 of these actions. We will also raise the maximum sentence for animal cruelty, we will maintain the ban on fox hunting and retain and strengthen animal welfare rules that are currently in force through our membership of the EU.

Fox hunting with dogs was outlawed by the last Labour Government for a reason; it is not needed to preserve livestock and is a deeply cruel way to kill an animal. We would not tolerate that kind of violence to a cat in a street, so we must not allow rural communities to commit it against foxes.

In Wales, the Labour Party has used its position in the Welsh Assembly to ban the use of collars that can administer electric shocks to animals and is working to end the use of animals in circus shows. I am also backing the Welsh Labour Government’s review of whether or not it would be feasible to establish an animal abuse register for Wales to help protect animals from offenders. The Welsh Labour Government has already introduced restrictions on the sale of puppies which we are currently reviewing.

I have worked with the League Against Cruel Sports on their campaigns for many years and I have signed the Manifesto for a Cruelty Free Future. I have pledged to:

  • Reject any weakening of the ban on hunting
  • Support an increase in the maximum sentence for animal cruelty offences to five years imprisonment
  • Support the creation of a register of convicted animal abusers to ensure that banning orders are enforceable

If re-elected I will continue to fight for animal rights and improving animal welfare in the United Kingdom.


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