I am thrilled, honoured and very grateful to the people of Cardiff Central who have elected me to serve as their Labour MP.

We worked really hard in Cardiff Central, with a huge team speaking to voters and knocking doors right across the constituency up until polls closed on Thursday.

Our majority of nearly 5000, with 40% of the vote, a 13% swing from the Lib Dems and a reduction in the Tory vote too, was a fantastic result.

Thank you to every single one of the incredible team of campaign volunteers who have worked with me over the past two years. This Labour victory is down to you.


Jo Stevens (Labour) – 15,462

Jenny Willott (Liberal Democrat) – 10,481

Richard Hopkin (Conservative) – 5,674

Antony Raybould (UKIP) – 2,499

Chris von Ruhland (Green Party) – 2,461

Martin Pollard (Plaid Cymru) – 1,925

Steve Williams (TUSC) – 110

Kazimir Hubert (Independent) – 34

Now the real work starts – I’ll be setting up my constituency office in the next few days, and I look forward to being a visible, accessible and hard-working MP for Cardiff Central.

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