HMRC have announced that applications for the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme will open for employers on Monday 20th April.

Your employers need to apply for the scheme online via the HMRC website. The link is not yet live, but you can click here for further information from them on the process of applying.

If you are employed and have been placed on furlough by your employer, there is nothing you need to do at this stage. Your employer will apply for the funding from the UK Government and pay your wages.

Remember, if you were on payroll as of 28th February 2020 you will be eligible to receive payment through this scheme, even if you have since left that job or been laid off. Further information is available here.

Employers using the scheme should be contacting staff placed on furlough reassuring them they don’t need to take any action and updating on payment procedure. If you haven’t heard from your employer since being placed on furlough, it’s worth contacting them for an update.

For information for employees you can click here.

For information for employers you can click here.

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