The Labour Party will create a million green jobs

We’ll do this by investing in low-carbon industries, and providing support to small and medium green businesses seeking to grow. We’ll make Britain the most attractive place in the world to invest in low-carbon technologies.

The Labour Party is backed by green business

Britain’s leading green energy company Ecotricity has donated £250,000 towards Labour’s election campaign.

In a press release, Ecotricity’s founder Dale Vince said:

“We’re putting our money where our heart is – we’ve watched the coalition government systematically undermine not just the renewable energy industry in Britain but the whole green economy.”

“This election presents a clear choice between two very different kinds of government with two different visions of Britain. The vision we support is of a green Britain with a strong green economy.”

Although they’ve donated to the Greens in the past, I’m really pleased that donated to Labour’s 2015 election campaign. I am a supporter of green energy, and I know that the next Labour government will commit to green policies which preserve the planet for future generations. 

I don’t like negative campaigning any more than you do, but it is worth a reminder at this point that David Cameron earnestly expressed his support for green issues in the 2010 campaign and as soon as he was elected returned to calling it ‘that green crap’. Labour can and will do better than that!


If you have any questions about Labour’s green policy, me, or my campaign, get in touch.


Image by Graeme Maclean on Flickr (Creative Commons).

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