Labour will defend the rights of working people by campaigning to keep Britain in Europe. That was the message from Alan Johnson, who officially launched the Labour In for Britain campaign.

Distinct from the cross party pro–EU campaign, Labour’s campaign calls for the UK to stay in the EU so we can protect working people and stand up for rights in the workplace. The livelihood of millions of British families depend on trade with Europe.

Leaving the EU would be bad for British jobs and bad for British businesses.

  • Millions of British jobs are linked to trade with Europe
  • Almost half of British exports go to the EU
  • British businesses rely on the EU for exports worth £227 billion every year
  • If we walk away from Europe we will leave Britain isolated
  • We should not put jobs, businesses and Britain’s future at risk by leaving the EU
  • Many British workers’ rights, including the right to holiday pay, come from our EU membership

We cannot afford to put jobs, businesses and Britain’s future at risk by leaving the EU.

That’s why Labour is in for Britain. This campaign for Britain’s future starts now. Join us and sign up to our campaign here.

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