The Labour Party will stop unfair letting fees

When you rent a place you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to sign your contract. Labour will ban unfair letting fees so you’re left with a bit more to pay for books (or beer!). 

Labour will extend tenancies and make them more secure

You should have the option to choose a longer tenancy – 3 years rather than the current 6-12 months. There’ll still be an option to end the contract early, but a longer tenancy will give you and your housemates more security. 

Our Welsh Labour Government will also force landlords and letting agents to be registered, so you know who you’re dealing with.

Making housing fairer and more accessible is one of my key priorities, and something I would continue to campaign for as your Cardiff Central MP. We can do more, and we must do more, to make sure tenants are protected and landlords play by the rules.

If you are concerned about a housing issue, or you’d like to find out more about my campaigns, get in touch.

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