This month I launched Labour’s public consultation on “Our Digital Future.” I believe that technology can change lives for the better – and it already has. From video calls to family on the other side of the world, to personal protective equipment 3D printed at home, the benefits of digital are than just economic 

The events of the last few months have moved technology even closer to the heart of our working and domestic lives. During lockdown, we spent on average a quarter of every day online. But too often, the digital divide means that many people have been excluded from the benefits of technological progress that we take for granted.And there are growing signs that digital technology may be concentrating too much power in the hands of unaccountable bodies – not just government agencies, but large global corporations whose decisions increasingly affect our rights, freedoms, and the political system itself.

Over the next few weeks, Labour are consulting on the principles that should govern our approach to digital technologies – not just for the next election cycle but for the long-term.

I’d really welcome your views on any or all of Labour’s consultation. It’s open to the public, you don’t have to be a Labour voter or member to contribute

You can respond to our Digital Consultation here.

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