Last week I wrote to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) about ‘Pub Code 2016’ which is due to launch in May. The code is set to regulate the relationship between large pub owning companies and tied tenants, of which there are many in Cardiff Central. I have campaigned on behalf of tied tenants for some time.

In the letter, I expressed my concerns about loop holes in the code which allow for Pubcos to continue exploiting their tied tenants, which completely undermines the point of having the code in the first place and goes against the will of Parliament.

I’m also unhappy about the selection and appointment of Paul Newby as the Pubs Adjudicator, as I believe he has a conflict of interest. He has financial and professional links to the pubcos he is expected to regulate having held shares and been a director of a company that is in charge of six different pubcos.

I hope the Minister will listen and take note of my concerns, and I look forward to hearing his response. If like me, you’re interested in the Pub Code and this issue, please let me know at and I’ll keep you posted.

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