Cardiff Central is a proud University constituency, you elected me in 2015 and again in 2017 on a promise to champion our University sector in parliament so I’m pleased to be supporting the #MadeatUni campaign.

Our Universities help Welsh and UK businesses and our public services succeed by powering research and development, solving global problems and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. The work that UK Universities do in the field of medicine is incredible and our Cardiff Universities are no exception.

Cardiff University has developed ground-breaking research into the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems in children with Downs Syndrome. Before the Down’s Syndrome Vision Research Unit was established at Cardiff University, very little was known about how Down’s Syndrome affected the eyes, but as a result of the research changes have been made to how we test for, diagnose and treat childrenthanks to the work of the team at Cardiff – immeasurably improving the lives of children with Downs Syndrome.

Not to be outdone, Cardiff Metropolitan University has helped improve aftercare for women with breast cancer by leading the design of improved prosthetic breasts for women who have undergone a mastectomy.

Curious to see what else Universities get up to? Find many examples of the brilliant work of UK Universities at;

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