Thanks to all constituents who have contacted me recently about the future of our much loved live music venues in Cardiff.

I know what a desperate situation it is for our venues, and even as COVID-19 regulations are gradually eased in Wales, we know they will be likely the last to fully reopen – placing them under unprecedented financial pressure.

I’ve had many great nights out at these venues, and we all want to have more of them.

I’ve been repeatedly pushing the Chancellor and the Culture Secretary along with my colleague Anneliese Dodds, our Shadow Chancellor, for a specific support package for the sector for weeks and weeks.

I’ve been meeting with  stakeholders everyday, locally in Cardiff but nationwide too, and we are all saying the same thing. It appears from the complete lack of action to date, that the UK Government is willing to see much of the live performance sector collapse with the loss of jobs and businesses that go with that. If that’s not their intention then they are running out of time to do something about it and only they can do something about it.

I spoke to Radio 5 on Tuesday 23rd June about the music industry and we will continue to take every opportunity that arises to continue to challenge the Government to urgently help. You can listen to this by clicking here.

It’s not just our music venues under threat – important cultural venues of all types, including theatres, arts centres, live comedy clubs and more, all face the same threat. I, and Labour in Parliament will keep pushing the Government to provide the sector-specific package of support that we desperately need.

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