My EDM (112): Protecting the Oceans

28 Jan, 2020 | jostevenslabour | No Comments

My EDM (112): Protecting the Oceans

Our seas provide half of our oxygen, food for a billion people, and a home for some of the most spectacular wildlife on Earth. But the impacts of climate change, pollution and destructive industries mean they’re in more danger than ever. We urgently need to turn things around. 

Scientists have a new rescue plan for our oceans: create a global network of ocean sanctuaries that’d put millions of square kilometres off limits to destructive industries. But to make that happen, governments must agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN.

Working with Greenpeace I have tabled the following EDM.

That this House recognises and celebrates the importance of vibrant oceans to our global ecosystem; notes that our oceans are facing a variety of threats, including large amounts of waste of all kinds being disposed of in them, overfishing and human caused climate change, and that the creatures within them are especially vulnerable to even slight changes in global temperatures; regrets that studies have found that only 13 per cent of the ocean has been unharmed by human activity, that 50 per cent of global coral has died since 1980, that 72 marine species are listed as critically endangered, and that over a third of marine mammal species face extinction; recalls the work of the Blue Belt Programme in UK Overseas Territories; welcomes the Greenpeace Ocean Declaration on the ongoing negotiations towards a Global Ocean Treaty and calls upon the Government to be bold in pursuing meaningful negotiations to establish, significantly expand and enforce global ocean sanctuaries, and to drive a global shift towards a collaborative, but also effective, global decision making process to help protect global oceans.

You can view the EDM online by clicking here.

You can read about Greenpeace’s campaign to protect the oceans by clicking here.

Cardiff Greenpeace are hosting an exhibition on February 8th , showcasing the beauty of the Global Oceans, in support of Greenpeace’s ‘Protect the Oceans’ campaign.

You will experience the beauty of the Oceans through a Photographic exhibition, immerse yourself in the Ocean using a VR head set, listen to a Greenpeace speaker, who will explain why it is so important to protect the Oceans for the climate and biodiversity. You will also have the opportunity to sign a petition to put pressure on the government to endorse the Global Oceans Treaty, to create 30% of the World’s Oceans into Sanctuaries by 2030.

You can see the Facebook event for the exhibition here.

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