I’ve nominated Keir Starmer for leader of the Labour Party. There are some great candidates and I listened carefully to them all at the hustings last night.

In the end though, for me it comes down to who I believe can effectively lead our Party out of the current mess and successfully into the future, building trust and confidence with the public on a radical policy platform and who can win a general election.

If we don’t win, we don’t get to change anything for the better on behalf of the people we and I represent.

As an aside, during the election campaign, every time a voter said to me that they would not vote Labour without a new leader or they were voting Labour but with reservations, I asked them who that leader should be. With the exception of one person, the answer every time was Keir Starmer.

Unscientific I know. But I have been listening both before and during the election and that has informed my nomination decision.

Good luck to all the candidates. They are committed and brave colleagues.

Here’s to a respectful, tolerant and hopefully inspiring leadership election campaign that all of us across the Labour and Trade Union movement can be proud of.

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