Great Western Railway have introduced the biggest timetable change on the network since 1976 – around three-quarters of journey times are now different. The timetable introduced on 15 December 2019 is now providing new services and has changed old ones as part of the improvements.

We have done our best to ensure customers aren’t caught out – particularly customers who travel with us regularly and are used to travelling on a specific service.

GWR sum up the changes as follows:

In particular:

Trains now arrive and depart at different times – there are more trains, with more seats, but to allow the new timetable to work train times are now different.

Trains may not stop at your station – journeys are now faster, but with the introduction of new services, they won’t always stop at the places frequent travellers were used to.

What improvements are there?

Most places on the Great Western Railway network are now served by new or more modern trains than they were just a couple of years ago.

The new timetable has seen the introduction of 43 more high-speed services (Long-distance) every weekday – an increase of 19%, and almost 29% from May 2019.

Download a full map here.

Engineering work this Christmas

If you are travelling over the Christmas period engineering work may affect your journey. Find out more details about what’s happening here.

You can download your timetable here or you can make your own custom timetable here.

Or just enter your preferred station in the search box below to see a summary of how the changes will affect your journey.

For more information on these changes, please click here.

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