I’ve just submitted my objection to the proposals for the Tramshed site.

Although relating to a site in the Grangetown ward of the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency, I’ve campaigned with our other Cardiff MPs Stephen Doughty MP, Kevin Brennan MP, Anna McMorrin MP and many others to protect, sustain and promote our live music venues across Cardiff.

Threats to venues like this impact on the night time economy and jobs of our whole city, and as Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport I have a keen interest in the success of the sector across all four nations of the UK, as well as obviously our own right here in Cardiff. You can submit your own objection to the plans here:


My objection is here:


I write to object to the above stated planning application.

This application refers to an address in the Grangetown electoral ward of the Cardiff South and Penarth Parliamentary constituency, but I have been contacted by many of my own constituents who are concerned about the effects of this application and have asked that I submit an objection as their MP. I have copied this objection to Stephen Doughty MP, Member of Parliament for Cardiff South and Penarth so he is aware.


Parking on the streets around Grangetown is reportedly already challenging for local residents, and threatening this pre-existing, well used space could add extra strain in the local area. Due to the site’s close proximity to the City Centre and Cardiff Bay, parking is a real concern here with commuters regularly parking in the area despite residents’ only parking restrictions, in order to access these places. Tramshed have been using their carpark to allow taxis to collect and drop off customers to the venue, thereby mitigating the effect of noise and traffic build up on local residents.


Aside from parking, and the threat to the successful future of the Tramshed venue itself, plans for an office building of this height, in a mainly residential area (consisting mostly of two story, smaller houses) would in my view, constitute significant overdevelopment in the area. The site has a very small footprint for a proposed ‘block’ of this height and stature.

Effect on the Tramshed Venue

The plan in the application to utilise carpark space at Tramshed risks its effective running as a music venue. This car park is used daily for Tramshed’s events, for artists to safely park up to three tour buses and trucks filled with equipment for events. If the proposal were to go ahead, the loading and unloading of goods that usually takes place at the rear of Tramshed would be significantly restricted and there is no other site at which the safe loading and unloading of deliveries could take place. It also is not clear that the ‘undercroft’ will allow for goods or tour vehicles, or what size of vehicles will be able to access it at any one time.

Every year around 200,000 people attend Tramshed – and in recent years it’s been vital in building inward domestic and international tourism to Cardiff creating additional revenue for our night-time economy and our hospitality sector including many small independent businesses in the city.  It also employs around 100 people a week working at its events and uses companies to supply security, cleaners, booking agents, beverages in turn providing jobs to over 300 people.

These plans could put the effective operation of Tramshed at risk with the consequential impact on the directly and indirectly employed people who work at the venue, with a subsequent impact on hospitality jobs across the city.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Stevens MP

Member of Parliament for Cardiff Central

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