It was a pleasure to join pupils from local schools this week to plant trees around the constituency as part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

The Woodland Trust provided trees to over 500 MPs to contribute to the tree planting project across the UK and the Commonwealth.

I joined Adamsdown Primary School’s Eco Council, the Nursery Class at Albany Primary, Marlborough Primary School Eco Council and members of the Eco Council at Springwood Primary School to plant saplings which will grow into Silver Birch, Rowan and Hazel trees.

We enjoyed learning together about the best way to plant the trees to make sure they survive, and what the different species will look like when they’re fully grown. I was really inspired by how enthusiastic all the children who helped me are about the environment and being actively involved in their school eco councils. We could all learn a lot from them and do a lot more to help ensure our forests and green spaces are protected for future generations.

Thank you very much to all the schools and pupils who helped me.

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